Pet Portraits by Kathy Krupa

Taking work from EXISTING, and NEW clients within a 3 Hour drive of Detroit, Michigan, only. Thank you for your understanding.


Portraits by Kathy – Pet Portrait Artist


kathy-krupaMy name is Kathy Krupa and I am a professional portrait artist specializing in animals. In 2000 I set out to paint human portraits, only to have a couple of clients request that I paint their beloved dog. Upon their emotional response at the unveiling of their pet’s portrait, I decided to focus my efforts upon animals. I have spent the years since painting the portraits of hundreds of pet companions. It is rewarding beyond description, and I am honored that many people choose me to capture the spirit of their pet. Most have returned time and time again for gifts and additional portraits.

I am thrilled to work closely with the Police Canine community in Michigan and to spend considerable time with the vast hunting community here. I am the State Art Chairperson for Michigan Ducks Unlimited and am proud to say that I am a Life Sponsor for DU. My contributions have saved at least 35 acres of wetlands in Michigan. In 2012, 13 I painted the poster art for the Detroit Kennel Club and was given the honor of painting the clubs Presidents portrait with his top dog.

I live in the United States, just outside of Detroit, Michigan and am just 15 minutes from farm country and 30 minutes from major hunt clubs and dog country with breeders, trainers and kennels on every acre. City life is 35 minutes south of home and offers museums, art institutes, theatres and 3 sporting stadiums all within a short distance of each other.

So I really have endless opportunity’s right here at home. I can put on a Detroit Tigers jersey one day and a Filson Oilcloth coat the next. But mostly I like standing at my easel in a pair of old jeans with my dogs Toby and Cody at my feet and my cats Zuzu and Chessy laying on the drafting table.

My Artistic Philosophy

kathy-krupa-dogI rarely paint a background and even in a full body portrait the background is kept minimal.  A quality human portrait is generally painted life-size, and I practice this with my animal portraits. Once we start adding other elements, the impact changes to a story and the piece becomes a painting. I do, however, recommend a cat’s portrait include most or all of their body in the pose because a cat’s body language is integral to capturing the spirit and personality of the cat.

People often comment on the eyes of the animals in my work and nothing could please me more! I put a lot of energy into this particular aspect of the portrait and have to admit there are times when I am in tears because the spirit of the animal is so strong.


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